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As a group of Specialists we aim to provide a safe, reliable hospital quality of Anaesthetic sedation in your practice rooms with complete pre and post operative care and advice on the ever increasing complex medical needs of today’s patients. We are focused on patient satisfaction and aim to blend seamlessly into your practice and enhance both the productivity of your practice and the patients experience.

Benefits for providers

  • No costs to your practice.
  • True specialist service.
  • Convenience of performing procedures in your rooms.
  • Avoids delays with hospital and day surgery scheduling and availability.
  • Allows self-funded and uninsured patients to avoid costly hospital/day surgery fees.
  • We will work with your team to enable ease of scheduling.
  • Protection knowing anaesthesia is being provided by fully qualified specialists, not GPs or dentists.
  • Improved productivity due to patient compliance during sedation.
  • Improved patient satisfaction, through patient focused doctors.
  • Approachable, friendly group of doctors.
  • Comprehensive peri-operative management of complex medical patients.
  • Before and after care advice on complex medical patients.
  • Safe, reliable specialist service.
  • Our small footprint in your office allows us to blend in with your team.
  • Sedation administered in accordance with the guidelines from ANZCA.
  • Experts in post-operative analgesia, especially to complex patients with chronic pain issues and medication intolerance.
  • 24/7 availability to patients and providers to assist with emergencies and advice.
  • No lock in contracts required, we will tailor a relationship that works for you and your practice.

Benefits for patients

  • Hospital level, safe, specialist care.
  • Pain free procedures.
  • Perfect for patients with phobias or panic disorder.
  • Personalised, patient focused, supportive care.
  • Complete pre and post operative support and care.
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and discomfort.
  • Avoids costly hospital based services.
  • Ease of scheduling.
  • Expert management of pain and anxiety
    during and after your procedure.
  • Uninsured patients can access affordable treatments by avoiding costly hospital fees.
  • Piece of mind knowing your anaesthesia is provided by Specialists in the field.


Visit our For Patients page for a list of frequently asked questions by patients. Click the button below and feel free to Contact Us if your question isn’t answered.

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