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Australian qualified specialists providing a safe, reliable and patient focused sedation service.
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For Patients

Fully qualified Australian trained specialists in sedation, currently working in large Perth hospitals

Once your procedure is booked you will be contacted by one of our specialists, who will run through a health questionnaire with you. They will then be available to answer any questions you may have.

You will be sent out an information sheet which will run through the process leading up to the sedation and instructions prior to and post the procedure. You will also be provided with a contact number for the Specialist, should you have any further questions

Australian trained Anaesthetists provide some of the safest anaesthesia in the world. The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) provides strict regulations and guidelines which we follow, to ensure this level of safety is maintained. Although some patients may have mild side effects such as nausea, anaesthesia is exceptionally safe. The risk of complications correlates more closely to the specific type of procedure a patient is undergoing and his or her underlying health problems rather than to the actual anaesthesia itself. With office-based anaesthesia – for properly selected procedures, thoroughly screened patients, and with an experienced Specialist– the risk is indeed very low. With the advent of more sophisticated monitoring, a better understanding of individual responses to anaesthesia and surgery, and improved anaesthesia agents, you can be assured you are in the best of hands with our Specialists at Mobile Anaesthesia.

Your anaesthetic will be given by highly trained Australian Medical Specialists who deliver a world class service in terms of safety and expertise. They are not General Practitioners or Dentists who have attended a sedation course, but fully qualified Specialists.

The fees are derived by considering the purchasing, servicing and maintenance of equipment, all medications used, all consumables and of course the time, skill and expertise of the Medical Specialist.

Out of pocket cost to the patient will vary depending on the length of the procedure, their Medicare Safety Net position and whether they hold a concession Card or receive Family Tax Benefit A.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can go through your specific circumstances and provide a full assessment of your circumstances.

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